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For those who has ideas, plans or business:

We can count, evaluate, optimize, take a part, develop, replicate and by other methods multiply or stabilize revenue.

For those who has money or access to money we facilitate to advantage to multiply.

Investment consulting:

  • Situation consulting
  • Compilation of the investor’s profile, an individual selection of the investment program, the investment portfolio, the branches to invest
  • Selection of the investment medium
  • Due Diligence (a comprehensive company activity research, it’s financial condition and market status)
  • Elaboration, drawing up and estimation of the business-plans.
  • Calculation and selection of the optimal terms of financing
  • Attracting of investment
  • Relief action as regards to project’s protection to investors and potential creditors
  • Assistance in negotiations
  • Complex transaction maintenance and current monitoring of the return of investment
  • Custody of the investment employment
  • Profile’s monitoring, the check-up under tolerated risks.

Management and finance consulting:

  • Marketing research
  • Setting of the management accounts in a company
  • Business-planning
  • Budgetary management
  • HRM (human resources management), the development of the motivation system in a company
  • Taxation planning, optimization of taxation and capital flow
  • Asset management

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