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Trade Meridian  property of, Spain and other countries from Europe
Trade Meridian property of, Spain and other countries from Europe

"Trade Meridian Company Limited“, on behalf of company «Premier-Fianance group» acts as an investor and manager of many successful projects. This positive work experience on the Russian market is what we base on today offering you property in different regions of Spain:

   •  Property acquisition in new buildings;

   •  Club complex property;

   •  Property in the secondary market;

   •  Acquisition of commercial property (hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, offices, houses, villas);

   •  Participation in investment projects (land acquisition followed by property construction; purchase of individual objects in the construction stage with next distribution or exploitation);

   •  After-sale service (Customer Support): assistance in opening bank account, tax payment, utility bills, insurance, purchase or rent of vehicles, purchase of furniture, home appliances, necessary repairs, monitoring and regular information to the owner about the object state, assistance in leasing of the object in the absence of the owner);

   The specialists of the company «Trade Meridian Company Limited» will provide you with information, consulting and legal services for property acquisition in Spain, focusing on your preferences. They will choose objects of commercial and residential property that meet your requirements, arrange a trip to the country for your detailed acquaintance with property objects you have chosen, and help with paperwork for the right property.

   We can offer you property not only in Spain but also in Turkey. Being at the market for over 8 years, we have a good reputation and plenty of satisfied customers. In Spain, we focus on Benidorm city, one of the largest resorts in the country. Benidorm is called the "Spanish Las Vegas". Day and night on the streets, in casinos and clubs of the city the life is full swing. This town was created for people with different lifestyles and different interests. Everyone will find his "heavenly spot" and make the best choice for himself and his family.

   The first look over the architectural appearance of the city where historic buildings in a Moorish style adjoin to modern skyscrapers might be a little discouraging. But it‘s enough to walk along the quay just once to really fall in love with this city.

   The acquaintance with the parks left unforgettable impression. Except for the Aqua Park and Original Park in post-modern style, Benidorm can boast a unique European thematic attraction park “Terra mitica”, which shares the story of the Mediterranean peoples. In the city there is its talisman – a huge cross, mounted on a hill that rises above Benidorm. From ancient times, the Spanish believe that this symbol of Christianity removes trouble from the town.

It’s possible to buy a flat, a villa, a townhouse in any district of ​​the city both in the primary and in the secondary market. We don’t make empty promises. Our company has earned its reputation for quality service.

The investment company «Premier-Finance group» represented by its trade firm «Primatorg», is the leading supplier of natural and high-quality olive oil and olives under the trademark «Antioch gold». It offers joint operation at Russian and CIS markets to its potential partners from different countries, which produce olive oil and its products.

The market of these products in Russia and CIS shows a steady growth year in year out and is rather promising and attractive to producers and importers.

To offer to the table of its clients the highest quality and tasty products, specialists of the «Primatorg» Company had visited in due course the factory floor, olive gardens of Europe (Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Greece and Crete island), Africa (Morocco, Republic of South Africa and Tunisia) and Middle East (Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Israel).

Partner plants of our company are rigged with the most modern Italian, Spanish and Japanese equipment. Management and personnel of manufacturing companies are constantly developing their knowledge and skills in the industry of olive oil and olives production. Native olive gardens, longstanding ties with local owners of olive tree plantations, strict selection of raw materials enable receiving of the highest quality oil from the best olives.

Olive oil production of the plants operates and develops its manufacturing process as provided by world standards ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP. Storage conditions and delivery terms allow our partners preserving the most valuable qualities of "liquid gold" and offering it to customers’ tables in different countries of the world.

In addition to the above productions and olive plantations are situated in one of the most interesting regions of the Earth, which is famous with thousand-year history of cultivation and production of olives and olive oil.

All of this enables to keep up long-term and stable sales to such receptive and above all exacting to the quality of olive oil markets as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, China, Russia (and CIS countries), Canada, South Korea and Japan.

These facts in manufacturers’ work were determining for our company during choosing of partners.

The sky is the limit for the «Primatorg» Ltd, that’s why it is ready to consider business propositions from other manufacturers and importers of olive oil and its products (which maintain high standards of production and service while working with these products) to work at Russian and CIS markets.

Managing company «ABC-office» (Novosibirsk) is a partner of the investment and financial services company, Premier Fin Group Ltd in the project «Golden Valley». «Golden Valley» - a project in the field of low-rise building - a gated development of 80 plots for individual houses in the south-western suburb of Novosibirsk, near the Ob reservoir.
ANO "Japan Center", Moscow


ANO「日本センター」 はモスクワ(2センター)、サンクトペテルブルグ、ニージニー・ノヴゴロド、ハバロフスク、ウラジオストク、ユジノサハリンスクの各都市にあり、全部で7センターから成っています。
Moscow club of jiu-jitsu
Moscow club of jiu-jitsu

   Jiu Jitsu (japanese 柔術) ("the gentle art" or "the way of gentleness") (variant: the art of flexibility (plasticity of consciousness)).

 "Jiu-jitsu" belongs to the most ancient types of Japanese martial arts, which was further developed in a samurai and military aristocracy of feudal Japan as an art of the most effective defeat of the armed and defended opponent without using arms. It was a part of the schools (ryū) where the students practiced arm-free fighting (both without armor and with armor) and fighting with a sword (yai jutsu); as well as horse-riding, archery and swimming. 

"Jiu-jitsu" techniques were developed on the basis of the principles of using the energy of the attacker against himself, which is preferable to direct confrontation.  

The history of "jiu-jitsu" is connected with the legend of a doctor Sirobei Akayama, who once remarked that the branches of large trees in the storm (according to other sources — under the weight of snow) were breaking, and twigs of a willow, yielding to force, then rose and survived. Inspired by this observation, the doctor later founded the first school of jiu-jitsu, giving it the name of Yosin-Ryu (the School of willow).  

In "jiu-jitsu" the most effective methods of neutralization of the enemy took the form of blows with arms and kicking into vulnerable spots, throws, grips, locks, retention, releases. As an addition to "jiu-jitsu", many schools also practiced the technique of using traditional arms of the Samurai. All these methods of combat, complemented by a serious psychological education based on the principles of "Bushi-do" (the code of honor of the Samurai) – were making Japanese soldiers perfect fighters, the fame of which still dominates the minds of those who study martial arts.

Today in "jiu-jitsu" we can study both applied (full-contact) kinds of this martial art and its sporting directions.

On the basis of the basic principles and techniques of jiu-jitsu the master Jigoro Kano created judo (an Olympic sport). Aikido (master Morihei Ueshiba) was based on the technique of one of the schools of jiu-jitsu - Daito-Ryu Aiki-jutsu of the master Takeda Sokaku.

Currently all around the world in connection with the proliferation of so-called "Ultimate fighting" "Brazilian Jiu Jitsu" is also very popular.


Our partner - Czech Chamber of Commerce (CCC, is an entity representing the entrepreneurial public and became an integral part of the economic life in the Czech Republic. It protects the interests of its members – small, medium and large enterprises associated in a network of regional chambers and trade associations.

Czech Chamber of Commerce is a unique institution members of which advocate adherence to the principles of ethical behaviour towards their respective partners and customers.

Membership in the Czech Chamber of Commerce is voluntary.