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The "Premier-Finance" company cooperates successfully with different proprietary and finance organizations, municipal enterprises, state run public authorities and private individuals, realizes investment, finance and management consulting. We can honestly tell with the pride: Our major incomings are from our own investment! To multiply and to make good use our own funds that is our main aim. Just using such approach we can pass you the positive experience of our work in different kind of business. Just in such a way in our opinion you can evaluate the value of our consultations. One who gives vain advices or advices which he doesn’t follow himself, that do a disservice.

The main part of our work is the selection of perspective branches and objects to invest. We don’t give vain advices! In many cases we invest ourselves in different economy’s branches and different enterprises. At this moment our company is the participant of many successful projects. At the website you can find hyperlinks on many companies in which activity we take part as investors or management company (to the whole project or its part). For those who has ideas, plans or business: We can count, evaluate, optimize, take a part, develop, replicate and by other methods multiply or stabilize revenue. For those who has money or access to money we facilitate to advantage to multiply. Main business of «Premier-Finance»:

1. Development, investments into construction, management of realestate in Moscow and the rest of the world. Consulting on business development in Turkey, Thailand, and Spain., Development projects such as cottages near Novosibirsk ("Golden Valley” brand - The company can develop similar and/or other projects in an area of more than 1,000 hectares of land located in the region near Novosibirsk.

2. Business in telecommunications. Provision of international services, long distance communications (, engineering, and industrial solutions in the telecommunications sector.

One of the interesting project - device and service «mobile Internet» - mobile Internet in the Europe, Asia and America for tourists:

  • Mobile Internet at "home" tariffs
  • Low-cost international calls and SMS

The purpose of collaboration is to create a network of partners that will provide tourists with access to the «mobile Internet» platform:

  • Hotels and Apartments
  • Car Rental Companies
  • Taxi and transfers services
  • Organizers of exhibitions and conferences
  • Systems of reservations or air tickets
  • Travel agencies and guides

Advantages of working with us:

  • No need to buy expensive licenses - collaboration is based on the principle «Revenue Sharing».
  • Complete package of marketing materials and business - models.
  • Demonstration samples are free.
  • Co-financing of the costs of product promotion.
  • You yourself create a list of services that will be offered to tourists. It allows selecting service providers with high commission.

You are weclome to cooperation! More information on the site:

3. Development of technical solutions and launching them into production from manufacturing partners in the Russian Federation, South East Asia, and Europe (,,

4. Importing and exporting operations. Purchase, delivery, the sale of food and other consumer goods (technical products, railway equipment, telecommunication equipment, and spare parts), an analysis of manufacturers and suppliers, receipt of the purchased goods (for quality, customs clearance, certification, registration forms, atypical payments between counterparties). "Premier-Finance" has experience in South-East Asia, Middle East, Western and Eastern Europe ( ,

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